The Beginning of a New Era

Hello friends!

My name is Alyssa and welcome to my tumblr! It’s called food, fun and fur for a reason.

In the future I will be posting pictures and recipes of food. I mean who doesn’t like food? I am a total food lover, and just looking at delicious recipes and food makes me first of all hungry, as well as happy, to see what I can create after putting a few simple ingredients together. It definitely adds variety to my life and my plate. These recipes may not be “gourment,” because hey, I haven’t had much experience cooking to be perfectly honest, but I will definitely have good recipes to share.

This will be my first recipe I will be posting, so stay tuned. I warn you, common side effects of ingesting these “oreo balls” causes a sugar rush, a never ending flow of ecstatic happiness, and an excessive drooling for more. They taste like cookies and cream ice cream without the ice cream. YUMMY !

On this tumblr page, I also want to talk about fun. The word fun is an entity that can embody many things. This includes fun ideas or activities, or fun-e (get it like funny?) so punny… I think everyone sometimes have rough patches in their lives that they really need to ignore and absorb themselves into something that can take their mind of things. Under this topic, I will include a few positive messages as well, because sometimes it’s fun to be reinspired and have faith in the world once again. Please stick through this topic with me. I may try to be funny, and it might be terrible, I make a lot of lame jokes, but I try right? I just want to try my best, and if I can get at least one person to read a post under this category and smile, to make a difference, I know I have succeeded.

Ellen Degeneres is my inspiration. I am definitely not a comedian like her, but I hope to crack some jokes, or bring up some new fun ideas like she does!

The last category I will be talking about on tumblr is fur! Not literal fur, like clothing, but my furry friends! My house has become an anarchy, my pets are winning the great battle of government. The animals outnumber the humans! I have two dogs, two cats, and two tortoises. The remaining posts will be about them and the adventures I have with them, either real or made up stories. They really mean the world to me, and make enduring hard times that much easier. I will also be posting about other kinds of animals too!

My first pet that I will be introducing is my dog Finley! He’s a 3 month old jack russell terrier mix. This isn’t a real picture of him unfortunately, because he’s being stubborn at the moment, but he kind of looks like this puppy! He’s really cute, but he’s mischievous as well (as you all will soon find out)!

I really hope this tumblr interests you. Stick around for more food, fun and fur!


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