Feeding a Mom’s need of sweets for kids & Easy Clean Up

This post is a combined food and fun category. Some moms deal with the frustration of sweet items for their kids, with easy clean up. I mean, candy is okay, if you’re willing to deal with the possibility of sticking in hair, or with blue fingers or tongues. That isn’t a pretty sight. What you need is some good, old fashioned ice cream. The kind that brings kids to the yard, where they have to make their own ice cream, so they can appreciate the ice cream they have as well as a delicious treat. This activity is great for kids because they will be so tuckered out after making the ice cream, that after eating it they may be off to bed soon after.


The end product should sort of resemble this. If my instructions are in anyway confusing, there are copies or different versions of it on the internet, so don’t fret. This is just the recipe my mom used, and tips I have learned from making this “ice cream” in a bag.


I gallon sized Ziploc Bag

1/2 cup of rock salt (just about any salt will work, but if the salt is in bigger chunks it works better)

Ice Cubes


1 pint size ziploc bag (this is where the actual ice cream will be made)

1 cup of half and half

2 tablespoons of sugar (but if you like a lot a sugar, you may add more. However, if you add too much the texture may start to feel grainy).

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla

Optional: Any additional ice cream toppings, e.g whip cream, sprinkles, etc.

1. Get the gallon size ziploc bag and fill the bag about half way full with ice. Then add in the rock salt.

2. Get the pint size ziploc bag and fill the bag with the half and half, sugar, and vanilla. Put in harder toppings as well, such as chocolate chips or nuts.

3. Place the the pint size bag into the gallon size bag between all the ice.

4. Shake the bag non-stop for 5-10 minutes, this will cause the ice cream to harden. Feel the pint size bag, but don’t stop shaking the bag until desired hardness is achieved.

5. Grab a spoon and enjoy the ice cream right out of the bag!


– The salt in the bag, causes the temperature of the ice to drop, which causes the ice ice cream to freeze faster. Adding salt decreases the temperature, but after this is done, do not add in anymore ice. The ice will raise the temperature and it will take longer for the ice cream to freeze.

– If you want more of a soft serve ice cream, then an approach that works is to shake the bag for about 5 minutes, then stop for 5 minutes, then shake it again. Repeat this process for about 15 or 20 minutes.

– If you want to make a bunch of ice cream, or just make it more scoopable, then shake the bag for about 15 minutes, then place it in the freezer for an hour.

The ice cream is delicious, simple, and hey no mess, no dishes to wash, just baggies to throw away. It’s a fun activity as well, and shows the magic of how ice cream is created and really taught me to appreciate the time and effort that goes into making ice cream. I hope you all try this soon in the future, and happy ice cream making !


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