Full of Holiday Cheer Fun

Hi everyone!

Sorry my posts have been a little staggered, my wifi has been going beserk lately, but I really wanted to post holiday cheer related things on my blog. I absolutely love this time of year, I think it’s a great time to bring everyone together, to do fun activities, and eat delicious food, and appreciate each other. I haven’t posted a “fun” idea in a bit, (or a food post for that matter…), but I wanted to offer an idea of fun things to do! This post is about going to DISNEYLAND! I know it’s a pricey place, but it has some great things to do over the holidays, and they start early.


Here’s one of the Christmas trees decorated in Downtown Disney. Before you even walk into the park, (so you don’t have to pay to get into this part, besides paying for parking) is Downtown Disney which is beautifully decorated with twinkling lights, colorful lights, and all beautiful things imaginable. Then, you can always go eat, there are a few great places. If you’re into more music related places, you can eat at the House Blues or Jazz Kitchen. However, Jazz Kitchen plays live music in front of you, while you may have to pay to get into a concert at House of Blues.


Here’s a picture of Jazz Kitchen from the outside. It’s a great place to eat. Then after eating and walking around, there’s other places to have fun; if you have kids there’s the Disney 365, or Build-A-Bear, for the adults there’s a bar, and the ESPN zone. There’s something for everyone! Then afterwards, the whole family can watch the fireworks, because the Disneyland fireworks are visible from Downtown Disney.

But, when you’re in the actual park, there is a bunch of stuff to do that is holiday related. There are shopping districts when you first enter, to go look at cute trinkets. As well as take pictures by a huge Christmas tree in the front. There are lights on Christmas trees everywhere, that look absolutely gorgeous.


(Here’s the big Christmas tree). One thing for certain that you MUST do during the holiday season is go on the Haunted Mansion. This was the first year I went on Haunted Mansion during Christmas time and I was in awe. It’s all Nightmare Before Christmas themed, I absolutely love this movie, and the ride definitely brings it to life.


Everything inside is so elaborately decorated and truly helps to bring the spirit of Christmas. Wait until it’s night time to go on, so the colors are more apparent, but I warn that the line can get kind of long since the ride is so popular this time of year, but it’s DEFINITELY worth it! After, you can go get a dole whip!


If you haven’t tried one, then you haven’t lived yet. They are so good, it consists of pineapple ice cream in pineapple juice. The booth is right next to the Tiki Room in Adventureland, it’s usually a long line, but most people don’t know there is a second line inside the entrance to the Tiki Room that is MUCH shorter. If you wait on this side, then you’ll get your drink faster. Don’t wait in line during fireworks though, it seems the line is the longest then.

One of my favorite quotes from Hamlet (which I’ve been reading recently if you can’t tell) is, “Is there not rain enough in the sweet heavens to wash it white as snow?” which Claudius says. I feel like this quote is definitely applicable to this time of year. When your family is all cuddled under a blanket watching World of Color winter version in Disneyland (which I suggest you watch, it’s at California Adventure), it really brings together family. What so many cartoons and movies have emphasized is that this time of year shouldn’t be focused on presents, or having the brightest house lights, but spending time with your loved ones. It’s the time to forget about what has happened thus far, and appreciate each other, because sometimes we only have each other. This can be seen in multiple Christmas specials, my favorite would be How the Grinch stole Christmas. This is what I think Claudius was talking about. Christmas is the time for the rain to come, to wash everyone’s slate clean. To disregard the past and look forward to the holidays. If you can’t afford going to Disneyland, then that’s okay, because it’s not the money you spend to please each other, but spending time with each other. I hope you all have a happy holiday, and a happy new year! 🙂


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