Thinking Makes it So (Animation)

Hi everyone!

So today I wanted to talk about another thing that could be considered a really fun activity! Sorry for all the fun posts lately, but I’m really big into having fun, and I to be honest I’ve been kind of busy, so I haven’t been able to cook or anything. However, I wanted to introduce something that could be really fun, especially to the artistic person! So I have been taking an animation class, and it has been really time consuming but so fun. It wasn’t until I got into the class that I realized it doesn’t take much to create animation in your own home. You can always create character developments:


This is an example of a typical character development. In a character development you’re suppose to create a character and display them using different emotions and in different body positions to get a feel of what the character is like in different situations.

Or, you can do hand drawn animation, and actually watch drawings to come to life! What you’ll need is:


a lightbox, which you can either buy from an art supply store (then can get a bit pricey), or make from taping together a clear material like glass, or using a turtle tank with a light bulb underneath. Or you can always tape drawings to a sliding glass door that is facing sunlight. However, if you really get into the hobby, I suggest you buy a lightbox because it will line up the paper in exactly the same spots so the animation doesn’t appear to move, and your arms don’t get so tired after a while such as drawing against a sliding glass door. Then you need paper, pencil, a camera, and an editing software (you can use toonboom like my class does, or something simple like windows movie maker (which will take a while if you really get into this)).

What a lightbox does is that it has a light underneath it so you can draw a character, then grab another paper to put on top and trace either the background, or have the character move. Have the character move in small increments, so that when you take pictures of each of the drawings and then upload and edit them, the character appears to have fluid motions.

Animation is really fun! But as I said before it can be very time consuming. One of my other favorite quotes from Hamlet has been, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” I feel that this quote can really apply to animation, because whenever I draw or animate sometimes I can get so caught up in the drawing that I never become satisfied with it. There needs to be a point in time after you draw, where you are really proud of your drawing. So proud, that you want to show it off to the world! Especially if you do this just as a hobby. So stop looking at everything wrong with your drawing, yes that will help to improve your drawing, but can take the fun out of the whole experience. Stop shredding apart your work, and look at how truly awesome it is and how awesome you are! I hope this post has sparked some interest and that you have now gained some new perspective on animation and maybe you’ll be willing to give it a try! 🙂 Happy animating!


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