Everything is a Remix: Food Edition

Hi everyone!

So recently, I watched a video called everything is a remix. The video is by Kirby Ferguson and it is available on Youtube.

The video talks about how ideas are copied, transformed, and then combined to create something new. Just about everything steals ideas from predecessors, then changes them by some sort of transformation in order to create something that appears to be original. I mean that’s how the chocolate chip cookie was made:

The lady that made it was trying to create chocolate cookies (which are divine by the way), but because at that moment she didn’t have any in hand, she used chocolate chips instead.In this way, she was able to create chocolate chip cookies, that we all know and love today. The chocolate chip cookie, is a perfect example of what a remix is.

After watching that video, I felt inspired! So I wanted to write this blog post on a few ways you can remix food, simply by adding different ingredients, to bring a whole new kind of flavor to the table.

This looks like your average cornbread, but it has a little hidden secret. This cornbread, actually has just a hint of vanilla in it. Wait….what?! I know right! When I took home ec. in middle school, I remember one day we had to make cornbread, and he put some vanilla in the dough. At first, our whole group thought he was trying to mess up our project, and discouraged him from doing so. But the cornbread turned out delicious, it had just a sweet tinge to it (we didn’t put much in, maybe a teaspoon), and our teacher gave us and A for being adventurous, trying new things, and how the end product turning out delicious!

In my house, rice is considered a staple food and is eaten almost on a daily basis. I don’t mind, I find the food comforting and filling. However, once in a while my mom likes to mix things up a bit.Sometimes, my mom buys a batch of wild rice and mixes it in with the white rice. The wild rice adds a little color, and a little more flavor. Plus, wild rice adds a bit more protein to the meal! Hooray for a nutritious remix! In this way you can make fabulous rice mixes like the picture above, that look great and taste great. For even more flavor, you could always add edamame and soy sauce. Yum!

Please comment below if you eat scrambled eggs, like I do. I know everyone eats them differently, but I was surpised at how many people did not eat eggs like I do. When my mom or I makes scrambled eggs, we make them with eggs, add a dash of salt and pepper, a splash of milk, then add cheese! Usually shredded cheddar cheese, and then eat them with ketchup! So good! So few people eat scrambled eggs with cheese, but I think that its the best way to do it, it just brings all the eggs together by the very fabric of the cheese! Eat your way into cheesy goodness! Don’t forget the ketchup! 🙂

I’m not really sure if these count as remixes, but I just thought I would include them. I absolutely love strawberries! I think they are delicious red goodness! However, I am a firm believe that they must be paired with something!

In my house, we eat strawberries with sugar, because thats the way I’ve been eating them as a kid. It’s sweetens up the fruit, and creates that fruity sugar coating, if you eat the strawberries after they’ve been washed (and are still wet) then pair them with sugar. Or I know other people who enjoy thier strawberries with powdered sugar, personally I prefer eating them with coarser sugar, but I suppose its all up to preference. Yet I know other people that eat strawberries with cool whip! Everything’s good with cool whip! It’s light and frothy, a perfect combo with with succulent strawberry!

However you eat your food, I encourage you to take risks and try something new with food. I use to think some combinations were gross and never meant to be, but never doubt the powers of pairing flavor! Happy eating! 🙂


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