Coincidental Returns!

Hi everyone!

So, guess what ?!?! I found Timmy! Today I was at my computer, perusing the internet. My dog Finley (the jack russell terrier mix) would not stop barking. I yelled at him to be quiet, but for some reason he didn’t listen. (He usually does). I walked outside, and Finley was circling and barking around the planter. I peered into the planter and it was Timmy! My long lost tortoise! I was so happy, this was my facial expression:

I couldn’t even believe it. He was right there! I can’t even count how many times, I have searched every single crack and crevice in that planter and could not find him. He’s been missing for almost FOUR months! I think he must have found a super secretive hiding spot to hibernate. He looks like he hadn’t grown that much, and he was still alive! Thank goodness!

I found this string of events so creepy. This is because at the same time, I was reading Frankenstein, and I arrived at the part where Frankenstein and the creature meet once again. Just like how Timmy and I became reunited!

See we are reunited! Best buddies forever again! Don’t you think these events are just too coincidental? I kind of feel weirded out when stuff like this happens to me in real life. However, my story is a bit happier, because I don’t think Timmy is unhappy to see me (well I hope not). The creature doesn’t seem too excited to see Frankenstein, since he decided to just abandon the guy. I didn’t abandon my pet, I continued to search, even when hope seemed lost, put out signs and everything! Also, I don’t think Timmy is going to ask for a companion, he already has one, that he doesn’t really hand out with…

Well sorry guys, I know this post is pretty short and kind of just goes off on a tangent, but I really wanted to share with you all the news! Timmy is home! 🙂


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