Not all who wander are lost

Hi everyone!

So today I wanted to talk about a fun activity that I hope you haven’t bypassed. Hiking! Recently, I visited Joshua Tree National Park, which is famous for, of course, the Joshua tree (which isn’t exactly a tree!).

I know right?!

At first glance, the place looks like a deserted wasteland, with nothing to do. I remember camping here as a child, and my friends wondering why this was a national park. It’s just a big flatland of dirt, with some dead looking plants, what’s so special about that?! Well, Joshua Tree is really special because of the fact that it hosts so much biodiversity. It really takes a while to look at all the woody plants, and dirt to truly appreciate the nature that surrounds. Joshua Tree is a host to multiple different animals, plants, and people who love to visit the area.

The place is also famous for these giant mountains containing huge boulders. Even though unseen to the naked eye, the boulders continue to grow.

My point is that sometimes it’s really important to ditch the overcrowding of city life and really get in touch with nature. I mean, why spend so much money on environmental friendly products, and never actually spend time with nature (I don’t mean to discourage from environmental friendly shopping). The serenity drains away the stress of deadlines, work meetings, practices, or anything else.

Ahh, nature at its finest. also wanted to tie into the title: not all who wander are lost. Sometimes, I like to wander away from inner stress, and get back in touch with the outdoors. The creature in Frankenstein didn’t have any initial stress to begin with, but when he obtained knowledge through books, he realized what he was missing out on. Then, nature became his serenity and his monster, because he was lonely. He became lost. I know I’m not lost, because I differ from the creature in that I welcome nature with open arms. The creature tried to welcome the inner workings of the world, but it didn’t accept him. I have been accepted, as well as many other people, however, I feel sometimes I really need to escape.

This view is my escape. Truly.

I’m really excited, because I know my next adventure will be going to the Bridge to Nowhere. It’s about a 5 mile hike over rugged terrain, to travel to this huge bridge. At the bridge there is bungee jumping and zipl ining! But it’s kind of expensive…so I’ll just be there to enjoy the water and scenery. I hope this blog post inspired you to become more in touch with the outside world.


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