A Review of a Pinterest Recipe

Hey all!

So recently, I tried this Pinterest recipe for pasta, and I just wanted to share with you my take on it. I think it really goes to show that not everything that is found on social media, is necessarily true or goes according to plan. I feel that a lot of times I really like the appearance of food that I find on Pinterest which makes me really inclined to make it. I am especially drawn to it if the recipe is simple and does not take a lot of time. This recipe was for pasta:

The recipe was very simple. For I needed to bring to a boil two cups of milk to a boil in a pot. I know this to be a successful direction to do when cooking pasta because it absorbs more flavor into the pasta and can make sauces thicker, without watering them down with leftover water from boiling the macaroni.

Afterwards, all I had to do was add a cup of cheese to the pot. Then voila! Macaroni and Cheese. The intent of the recipe was suppose to make pasta that’s like those caveman diets, plus simple, easy, doesn’t take much time, and didn’t include all that processed cheese product. Honestly, I was pretty disappointed. It was pretty plain and didn’t taste that great. I felt utterly deceived. Its like great writing in an English class, just because you want to make a few great points in an essay (here represented by the easy making of the macaroni) you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality of the essay as a whole (here represented by the flavor of pasta). So to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend the above pasta, unless you like bland pasta or you need something quick.

However, personally I would’ve chosen Pasta Roni instead. It holds all the same benefits: easy to make, and simple. Without sacrificing flavor. Even more so, if you cook pasta roni by boiling the pasta in a mixture of both the water and milk all at once it really packs a punch and gives it more flavor!

I know it’s really odd to have a partial food blog advocating boxed food, but I guess this blog is kind of different. I just wanted to show you all that sometimes Pinterest doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for. Looks can be deceiving and that when trying a new recipe it just doesn’t come out the way we hope it does. But the fun in trying new food is discovering if it is or not.


Valentines Day Activities!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a Happy Valentines Day! Today I wanted to post to talk about what you all could do for next year, or any upcoming events. I probably should’ve posted this before, but oh well….it will get you all planning for next year! Hopefully….

Whether you’re single or with someone on Valentines Day, a romantic movie never falters.

I think everyone has seen the Notebook by now, but I know that not everyone has seen A Walk to Remember. One of my favorite books and romantic movies. It’s just so sweet and will leave you in tears. So grab a bucket of ice cream, a large spoon, and a box of tissues as you prepare to ball your eyes out.

Or go on an adventure and try something new! Grab your significant other or a couple of friends and hit up a mom and pop shop. One that I highly recommend is this Chinese resteraunt called Eggroll King which is on Brookhurst and Adams. The manager is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and of course the food is delicious. Definitely order their house special noodle soup, so good!



Or go gain some culture! Go visit LACMA the Los Angeles County Museum of Art or any other kind of art museum. Even if you’re not all that in to art it will be an experience to remember as you both can make up funny stories, make fun of the art (I could’ve made that), or gather each other’s perspectives on it, (a friend’s or significant other’s).

Or go to a sporting event and support a favorite team of yours or your significant other’s. (Men love sports and food girls). Personally, I love the Angels, so put me at an Angel game and I’m in love. It’s all about Mike Trout man. While most couples might be at the movie theaters, I think it’d be really cool to go to a sporting event and cheer on the team! Basketball and baseball are common favorites and will definitely make Valentines Day exciting.

No matter what you do this or next Valentine’s Day or in the future, make sure that you’re happy and having fun! And you don’t have to listen to my advice, you can always derive inspiration from Pinterest, the internet, your own imagination, or a teacher’s powerpoint (thank you to my English teacher for inspiring this post). It doesn’t matter if you’re single or with someone this holiday/next/in the future have fun, because heck you deserve it!

Wandering into Nature

Hey guys!

So recently I saw this chart in a short article, which basically stated that nowadays people watch so much more television than they should be.

chart of the day tv time

I know I watch a bit of t.v, but I wanted to update you all and hopefully inspire you to get out and be a little bit more active and in touch with nature! Not too long ago, I went to a place called Murphy’s Ranch with some friends.

The place was once a Nazi sympathizer camp, which is along a nice hiking trail. Since then camp has been shut down, most of the property (as you can see here) has been defaced with spray paint. So now its less of a historic place, but now its more of a place for artistic expression.

Its honestly quite beautiful. Sometimes you might find a funny little cartoon or something on one of the walls. There is so much spray paint cans everywhere…but it’s really a beautiful place, that I recommend you check out! However, be ready to face the challenge of tackling some flights of stairs!

Maybe that’s why it took so long to find the place…because no one wanted to travel down so many steps to find it…It really isn’t that bad, but when you try to marathon the staircase like my friends did, well then it gets really tiring. Plus, there are other trails that you can get down to see other parts of the camp. But really, I just think its a great idea to go to this place because of the serenity it offers, and being away from city life and texting and bad reality television. The beauty/artistic expression, really builds the character.

Another hike you can do is the hollywood sign! I did this hike on the same day as Murphy’s Ranch, so neither of these two hikes are that long. And ANYONE can do the hike to the Hollywood sign! I mean if little kids are hiking up it (there are a bunch of them that go with their parents), then you can too! Don’t you want to take a picture next to the H for HECK YEAH we made it!  Plus its a great way to burn some calories! Unfortunately, when I went recently I was not able to get as close to the Hollywood sign as I wanted because a band was filming a music video. Hint: the band of horses. Hike up to the hollywood sign! There are so many movies where this iconic sign is featured in the background, don’t you want to experience it like in the movies?!

Don’t forget to earn back some of those calories after all that hiking! Hit up a local Olive Garden or mom and pop pizzeria nearby! We went to an Italian restaurant close by that was pretty good, I would mention it here, but unfortunately I can’t remember the name 😦 boo. I hope that for your next outing you take into consideration going hiking to get in touch with nature. We could all use some more woods and wildlife in our lives. Til next time! 🙂

Innovation: ABA Recreational Basketball

Hi everyone!

So for my English class, we are suppose to do an innovation project where we come up with an idea and share it with the rest of the world. For my innovation project, we are running a basketball league! It’s a lot of fun, and I think every participant in it is having a blast. The basketball league is aimed at high schoolers to come out and play! Basketball is a great sport because it teaches teamwork

is very active, and helps to build physical and mental skills. However in high school, sometimes its hard for people who just want to play the game to find a spot. There’s high school basketball. But playing for the school can be costly, and many people stop playing there because conflicts with coaches, times, or perhaps injury during the season. If high schoolers don’t play at their school then the only other option for them is to play in club teams. However, club teams can be very costly, sometimes totaling up to $90 a month to play in tournaments or games all year around. Plus, the teams are super time consuming. Some people just want to play the game for fun, which is why we started ABA.

ABA stands for Adolescent Basketball Assosciation. We have people sign up on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ABA-Recreational-Basketball-League/1425252317705182  and then people come out and play, its that simple! Games are every Saturday and we hope to get people out to play all the time. So far it’s been going okay, as we seem to have games every weekend. However, sometimes not everyone from the teams show up, so we can be short on players. If you’re into playing basketball come out and join us! Like our facebook page for updates!