Wandering into Nature

Hey guys!

So recently I saw this chart in a short article, which basically stated that nowadays people watch so much more television than they should be.

chart of the day tv time

I know I watch a bit of t.v, but I wanted to update you all and hopefully inspire you to get out and be a little bit more active and in touch with nature! Not too long ago, I went to a place called Murphy’s Ranch with some friends.

The place was once a Nazi sympathizer camp, which is along a nice hiking trail. Since then camp has been shut down, most of the property (as you can see here) has been defaced with spray paint. So now its less of a historic place, but now its more of a place for artistic expression.

Its honestly quite beautiful. Sometimes you might find a funny little cartoon or something on one of the walls. There is so much spray paint cans everywhere…but it’s really a beautiful place, that I recommend you check out! However, be ready to face the challenge of tackling some flights of stairs!

Maybe that’s why it took so long to find the place…because no one wanted to travel down so many steps to find it…It really isn’t that bad, but when you try to marathon the staircase like my friends did, well then it gets really tiring. Plus, there are other trails that you can get down to see other parts of the camp. But really, I just think its a great idea to go to this place because of the serenity it offers, and being away from city life and texting and bad reality television. The beauty/artistic expression, really builds the character.

Another hike you can do is the hollywood sign! I did this hike on the same day as Murphy’s Ranch, so neither of these two hikes are that long. And ANYONE can do the hike to the Hollywood sign! I mean if little kids are hiking up it (there are a bunch of them that go with their parents), then you can too! Don’t you want to take a picture next to the H for HECK YEAH we made it!  Plus its a great way to burn some calories! Unfortunately, when I went recently I was not able to get as close to the Hollywood sign as I wanted because a band was filming a music video. Hint: the band of horses. Hike up to the hollywood sign! There are so many movies where this iconic sign is featured in the background, don’t you want to experience it like in the movies?!

Don’t forget to earn back some of those calories after all that hiking! Hit up a local Olive Garden or mom and pop pizzeria nearby! We went to an Italian restaurant close by that was pretty good, I would mention it here, but unfortunately I can’t remember the name 😦 boo. I hope that for your next outing you take into consideration going hiking to get in touch with nature. We could all use some more woods and wildlife in our lives. Til next time! 🙂


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