A Review of a Pinterest Recipe

Hey all!

So recently, I tried this Pinterest recipe for pasta, and I just wanted to share with you my take on it. I think it really goes to show that not everything that is found on social media, is necessarily true or goes according to plan. I feel that a lot of times I really like the appearance of food that I find on Pinterest which makes me really inclined to make it. I am especially drawn to it if the recipe is simple and does not take a lot of time. This recipe was for pasta:

The recipe was very simple. For I needed to bring to a boil two cups of milk to a boil in a pot. I know this to be a successful direction to do when cooking pasta because it absorbs more flavor into the pasta and can make sauces thicker, without watering them down with leftover water from boiling the macaroni.

Afterwards, all I had to do was add a cup of cheese to the pot. Then voila! Macaroni and Cheese. The intent of the recipe was suppose to make pasta that’s like those caveman diets, plus simple, easy, doesn’t take much time, and didn’t include all that processed cheese product. Honestly, I was pretty disappointed. It was pretty plain and didn’t taste that great. I felt utterly deceived. Its like great writing in an English class, just because you want to make a few great points in an essay (here represented by the easy making of the macaroni) you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality of the essay as a whole (here represented by the flavor of pasta). So to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend the above pasta, unless you like bland pasta or you need something quick.

However, personally I would’ve chosen Pasta Roni instead. It holds all the same benefits: easy to make, and simple. Without sacrificing flavor. Even more so, if you cook pasta roni by boiling the pasta in a mixture of both the water and milk all at once it really packs a punch and gives it more flavor!

I know it’s really odd to have a partial food blog advocating boxed food, but I guess this blog is kind of different. I just wanted to show you all that sometimes Pinterest doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for. Looks can be deceiving and that when trying a new recipe it just doesn’t come out the way we hope it does. But the fun in trying new food is discovering if it is or not.


Motchisuki in the Community

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had some happy holidays, and a happy new year! I know it’s a little late to say….but I hope all is well. Every year around New Years, I go to this event called motchisuki and someone told me that they wished they had known about it, because its such a well kept secret. So I thought, I would share to you all what it’s about! On New Year’s Eve I was at Tanaka Farms, celebrating motchisuki.

Tanaka Farms is located in Irvine, California, and hosts multiple events every year. They are the home to seasonal pumpkin patches, wagon rides, and basketball leagues, and are in fact the largest organic farm in Orange County. It is Japanese tradition to eat mochi on New Year’s because it represents good luck. So every year before New Year’s Japanese people gather around in order make the delicious mochi to enjoy, to ensure a prosperous new year. First, they make the mochi. That’s right, make it. No cheating. No buying it from the store, or using those cheap machines to make it. They make it by hand!

First, they cook the rice in these big rice makers:

rice maker

They put tons of rice in these earns and steam it, in order to ensure the rice is hot when it’s time for pound.


The rice is then pounded in huge granite like bowls called an usu. People gather around the usus and pound the rice using kines. Kines are these huge wooden malletes, that weigh about 5 pounds. Everyone circles the usu, and proceed to beat the rice continually, until it develops a sort of pasty/doughy consistency. The excercise is great for ridding all your problems, and stress in the world. After the rice is pounded, it is thrown down a huge table covered in flour, to help roll the rice dough in, so that it becomes ready to make.


The event also has Japanese dancers that come in and do a traditional Japanese dance. Also, one of the BEST parts about coming to motchisuki is the HUGE buffet table they have.


This year they had 3 long tables, filled with all kinds of food that you could eat! Absolutely delicious! Usually everyone comes and just brings one dish for some people to eat, but there’s still so much food! So you receive a reward after all that hard pounding in the usu! After the buffet and everything is about over, you can go to a table to buy the mochi. The profits help out the farm. After making the mochi, everyone gathers around and has a flour fight with the rest of the flour! It’s really fun! Over Christmas, I had to read the first four chapters of the book Frankenstein.

In the original book by Mary Shelley (if you haven’t read it). The creature (yes the creature is the monster, not the scientist, the scientist’s name is Victor Frankenstein), is forced to strut the Earth alone because he has been abandoned by his creator. I’m not that far in yet, so I don’t really know what is yet to happen, but I wonder where the creature went, but I feel he must be sad, because he is forced to be alone. I feel if he had a companion or a sense of community, he wouldn’t feel so lonely.

I think that motchisuki at Tanaka Farms creates a sense of community, that the creature needed, as well as others. It creates a great environment for getting to know each other, and build an appreciation of all the sweat and energy that goes into making mochi. I hope you all had a great New Years! Come by next year for some delicious mochi and fun! 🙂 Happy making mochi!

Would you like a Hamlet ?

ImageHi everyone ! I hope you all are enjoying this cold weather like I am! I love when fall starts turning into winter. Even though it may be counter intuitive, but the dreary weather makes me happy. I love being on the couch and watching holiday movies or specials, with hot chocolate or some other hot delicious food. However, I wanted this post to be kinda like Hamlet. So it is! Hamlet= a ham omelet, or the character from the book, whichever suits your fancy. I really like hamlets (the food) because they’re just so delicious. Oh note for today: this blog post won’t consist of a recipe…. sorry! But come check back later and I will surely have a recipe up soon! Anyways, Hamlet. So delicious. I especially love that its such a warm comforting food in the morning, when its cold and it just wakes up your stomach. I also like that with a Hamlet you can get it a bunch of different styles! You can order one with multiple cheeses, or with avocado, or tomato, or bacon. My personal favorite is actually the ham and cheese one at Woody’s diner. The omelet has ham, cheese, bell peppers, avocados, and onions. Get it with a side of hashbrowns, and some apple juice, and a piece of toast. Yum ! It’s definitely a high calorie meal, so make sure you’re hungry if you order one, but its delicious trust me! I think we all need a little Hamlet in our lives. Hamlet in the novel can sometimes be sad or depressed, the hamlet food feels the same way when it hasn’t been eaten yet! I don’t know about you, but in my house eggs are a staple food. We run out of eggs so fast, because my whole family loves eggs! I feel almost a little bit empty inside if I haven’t had eggs in a while. In fact, I haven’t had a hamlet in a while…. but I think I will soon.  Anyways, this is a short post, just me ranting about how delicious food is…. I think maybe I’m just hungry. But then again I’m always hungry. Maybe, hunger is just a permanent state of mind for me. Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I will get some posts up for the holidays coming up! Stay tuned 🙂

Hamlet worthy Cupcakes


I found the recipe off of this website:


but I thought I would share the recipe on my blog because so few people actually knew there was a recipe out there for krabby patties. I know right ! When I was younger, I absolutely LOVED watching spongebob, I still do, but the habit has slowly died with age. However, just because I’m growing up doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy these delicious krabby patties !

I have just begun reading Hamlet, but so far I really enjoy the novel. I felt that Hamlet shared similar traits with the Patrick and Squidward characters. Patrick is definitely not the brightest sea star, but one episode accentuated one of his qualities. This particular episode showed that Patrick had a strong relationship with his parents, and was afraid of letting them down, or appearing less intelligent in front of them. Hamlet is afraid to let his father down, and feels that in order to retrieve his father’s approval he must avenge his father by killing his uncle. Hamlet is also like Squidward because quite frankly, they both have some morbid or evil thoughts.

Anyways, I just wanted to talk about the comparison because I thought maybe if Hamlet had some of these (AWESOME) krabby patty cupcakes maybe he wouldn’t be such a frownie brownie.

Here’s the recipe:


For Cream Cheese Frosting:
1 (8-ounce) package low-fat cream cheese
1 cup powdered sugar, sifted
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For Krabby Patty Cakes:
12 baked yellow cupcakes, paper liners removed
1 batch brownies baked in a 13x9x2-inch baking pan (using one 18.3-ounce package brownie mix)
1 to 1 1/2 cups Cream Cheese Frosting (recipe below)
Red, yellow, and green food coloring
Water or light-color corn syrup
Sesame seeds or coarse sugar


For Cream Cheese Frosting:
In a medium mixing bowl, beat one 8-ounce package low-fat cream cheese for 30 seconds. Gradually beat in 1 cup sifted powdered sugar. Beat in 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

For Krabby Patty Cakes:
1. Cut cupcakes in half horizontally; set aside. Using a 2-inch round cookie cutter, cut 12 circles from cooled brownies. (Save scraps for another use.)

2. Place a brownie circle on each cupcake bottom. Divide frosting into 3 portions. Using food coloring, tint frostings red, yellow, and green. Place tinted frostings into disposable decorating bags or plastic food storage bags. Snip tip or corner of bags.

3. Pipe a zigzag of green frosting around edge of each brownie circle for lettuce leaf. Pipe a drizzle of red icing for ketchup and a drizzle of yellow icing for mustard on top of each brownie circle. Place cupcake tops on top of frosting. Brush cupcake tops with a little water or corn syrup. Sprinkle with sesame seeds or coarse sugar.

Makes 12 cupcakes

Excerpted from SpongeBob’s Kitchen Mission Cookbook © 2011. Reprinted with permission of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Photos courtesy of Adam Albright and Tobin Bennett.

Sorry to get so off topic, but it was just a reason that I really wanted to post this recipe. This recipe is very delicious, but of course it is because krabby patties are suppose to be delicious! I hope you all enjoy these krabby patties, thank goodness you can just make them instead of try to steal the secret formula  like plankton. Happy cooking ! 🙂

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Feed the SWEET TOOTH !


The most important step about feeding the need is to realize what the people want. I think that is the main reason that oreo balls were discovered. Oreo balls are one of the most delectable desserts that can be had. One of the multiple ways that they “feed the need,” is that they are so easy to make. Plus, they’re so neat and convenient! The simplicity of the recipe, and the fact that it is perfectly travel/bite size, will have moms on their knees begging for the recipe. They’re that delicious. Whenever my mom makes them, they are gone in heartbeat, and hardly anyone ever waits until the refrigeration process is complete because no one can ever wait that long. These oreo cookie balls taste just like cookies and cream ice cream, but without the ice cream! It saves the hassle of getting out the ice cream and the ice cream scooper, then the bowl and having to wash everything. These oreo cookie balls are no mess, easy and hey no dishes to wash!…

Okay enough with the praise, now it’s time for the recipe!

What you’ll need:

-1 package of Cream Cheese (softened)

-16 oz of  melting chocolate (that’s about 4 packages)

-36 oreo cookies crushed (that’s about 3 cups)

1. Scoop out the cream from each of the oreos and set them aside. (This step can be skipped, but it makes the cream towards the end frothier).

2. Place the chocolate cookie parts of the oreos in a big ziploc baggie and crush them.

3. Mix the cream cheese and cream from the cookies together with an electric beater. (Or if the first step was skipped, just mix the crumbs of the cookies and the cream chese together).

4. Mix the cream cheese and cream from cookies filling back with the oreo crumbs and shape them into balls.

5. Place the oreo balls on a sheet covered in wax paper.

6. Melt the chocolate, place the oreo balls on a stick and dip them in the chocolate.

7. Optional: Melt white chocolate as well and put some on top of the milk/dark chocolate on the oreo balls in a criss cross pattern.

8. Place the oreo balls on a sheet which is covered in wax paper into the fridge for at least one hour.

These oreo balls are delicious and I highly reccomend them! They are sweet, so they should be enjoyed with a nice glass of milk. These will definitely feed your sweet tooth, and save a potential mess from happening.

Happy eating and making !

The Beginning of a New Era

Hello friends!

My name is Alyssa and welcome to my tumblr! It’s called food, fun and fur for a reason.

In the future I will be posting pictures and recipes of food. I mean who doesn’t like food? I am a total food lover, and just looking at delicious recipes and food makes me first of all hungry, as well as happy, to see what I can create after putting a few simple ingredients together. It definitely adds variety to my life and my plate. These recipes may not be “gourment,” because hey, I haven’t had much experience cooking to be perfectly honest, but I will definitely have good recipes to share.

This will be my first recipe I will be posting, so stay tuned. I warn you, common side effects of ingesting these “oreo balls” causes a sugar rush, a never ending flow of ecstatic happiness, and an excessive drooling for more. They taste like cookies and cream ice cream without the ice cream. YUMMY !

On this tumblr page, I also want to talk about fun. The word fun is an entity that can embody many things. This includes fun ideas or activities, or fun-e (get it like funny?) so punny… I think everyone sometimes have rough patches in their lives that they really need to ignore and absorb themselves into something that can take their mind of things. Under this topic, I will include a few positive messages as well, because sometimes it’s fun to be reinspired and have faith in the world once again. Please stick through this topic with me. I may try to be funny, and it might be terrible, I make a lot of lame jokes, but I try right? I just want to try my best, and if I can get at least one person to read a post under this category and smile, to make a difference, I know I have succeeded.

Ellen Degeneres is my inspiration. I am definitely not a comedian like her, but I hope to crack some jokes, or bring up some new fun ideas like she does!

The last category I will be talking about on tumblr is fur! Not literal fur, like clothing, but my furry friends! My house has become an anarchy, my pets are winning the great battle of government. The animals outnumber the humans! I have two dogs, two cats, and two tortoises. The remaining posts will be about them and the adventures I have with them, either real or made up stories. They really mean the world to me, and make enduring hard times that much easier. I will also be posting about other kinds of animals too!

My first pet that I will be introducing is my dog Finley! He’s a 3 month old jack russell terrier mix. This isn’t a real picture of him unfortunately, because he’s being stubborn at the moment, but he kind of looks like this puppy! He’s really cute, but he’s mischievous as well (as you all will soon find out)!

I really hope this tumblr interests you. Stick around for more food, fun and fur!